Monday, December 24, 2007

Nothing Really Special

Hey there…it been some time since the last time I blogged but I’ve been busy @ work and with the family. It’s that time of year and I’m not enjoying it. I have not done any shopping what so ever and I have a few more days to go…oh well I’m glad that the daughter only wants certificates to the mall, and the boy really doesn’t care as long as it’s a computer game or a truck of some sort.

Dam there are times that I wish that I was back on the island…especially now because its cold and windy outside and not much to do here in Vegas other that snowboarding in Utah or going up to the mountains with the kids to play in the snow. I guess I can’t have my cake and eat it too. I love Vegas, I guess because I’ve been here for so long (1993 off and on) and it grew on me, although I do miss the fishing…over here they stock some of the ponds with trout and you can literally snag the bad boys…not much fun. When I lived in Virginia I had the time of my life when it came to fishing, monster bass, Crape, and huge Striped Bass of the Atlantic coast, those were the days and if were up to me I would of stayed on the east coast.

I want to hear from people on there thoughts about the presidential race…I don’t want to get political but I am tired of this regime that we have and can’t wait for the change. Right now I am leaning towards Clinton, I feel if Hillary was in office we would not be in the situation that we are in right now with the whole Iraq debacle/quagmire and this is coming from an ex military man. But to see the men and women coming home screwed up both mentally and physically knowing that this war was unjust without reason it’s just fucked up! Enough political crap, but I would like to hear via email your political thoughts or opinions… or click the email link on the blog page.

My latest project is building another patio in the backyard…I wanted to get it done before winter so that I could sit outside with the fire pit and do nothing in the freezing cold with my dogs… call me stupid but that’s what my life has been reduced to…a homebody but in away that’s what I enjoy do much of nothing especially now when its cold and crappy outside.

I would like to say that my team the Steelers made it into the playoffs and captured the AFC North title. I was getting a bit worried towards the end of the season, but they finally came through with a cost… Parker is gone, but oh well that’s the NFL for you.

There is nothing much to these bloggs but I enjoy wasting time and putting my thoughts down and sharing some of my experiences with others that I know or know of. I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and please be safe out there on the roads if you need to travel this holiday season.

Sorry about the grammar and spelling.... I suck!


Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Congrats to the Warriors for getting into a BCS bowl game...I can't wait until the 1st of January. On another note check back every Friday or so for my college football picks. I do pretty well last week going 15-4 on the games, loosing on Missouri(those slouches), LSU, Boston College, and Hawaii. And the week prior 10-1.

Remember....ITS JUST FOR FUN!

If you have issues with gambling the link below can give you the help you are looking for.



It now begins

I have finally started to get this blog going after many months of procrastination. All is good here in Vegas and the family is doing well. Not much to say today other than its getting a bit nippy outside and everybody is sick. I hope to have an entry up ever day or so…please come back from time to time to read the new blogs. There is a link that I provided that has assorted pics from the years…they are not in any specific category, but random pics of the good times that I have shared over the years with family and friends. I hope to hear from you all and look forward to finally putting my world out there.

Tony Z